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Security organization

We not only provide capabilities to collect data, but also we are experts in securing this data. We developed one of the first GSM-based IoT security platform in the world. It became a game changer of the international IoT industry and grew up to one of the most popular European security product. Scalable architecture, reliable web platform and adaptive mobile app ensured our success. Currently, it is a flagman among all IoT security platforms in the whole world.

Initial Phase

Initially, the business provided physical security services without using any intelligent technologies. The company had to locate the security personnel at each object.

Digitization Phase

IoT and mobile security squads introduction that reduced main costs, improved scalability, and better security coverage.

Digitalization Phase

Integration of AI technologies to automate logistics and principal business processes that opened new expansion opportunities and formed a bridge to the third final phase.

Digital Transformation

Packaging the digital know-how as a SaaS product, making it accessible worldwide. Competitors became customers.

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