is an engineering
and technology company
with the focus on digitalization.


Results-oriented and scalable development.

We provide best-in-class solutions for your breakthrough ideas to get a fast outcome.

Web Development

We can build web projects of any complexity. Using the latest technologies and approaches we can provide you with high quality, tested, and maintainable solutions.

Enterprise Development

Bring your enterprise applications to the next level. We can design, architect, streamline and optimize your processes to unlock greater business value.

Data Science

Unlock business insights from the data. We extract, analyze and deliver the real value of the data.


Reduce your time to market through streamlined delivery. Test new hypothesizes fast. Increase resiliency and lower risks of quality concerns and reduction of defects by applying the best techniques from Continuous Delivery and DevOps

Embedded System Development

We develop a product from an idea to the mass-production, from production to the end of warranty. Together with the products that we develop, we also develop a device farm to follow the continuous integration and delivery conventions.

Machine Learning

Train your model to recognize and understand images, complex data, texts. We have a lot of experience in building computer vision systems, developing chat bots and smart assistants using natural language processing.

Hardware Development

We can support you at any stage of the hardware development, from design to production. Our experts can also lead you through the hard certification processes and bring you the experience with such techniques like "hardware-in-the-loop".

Internet of Things

We started developing IoT projects when this term did not even exist. Latrock possesses the best practices in IoT product or ecosystem development, integration with well-known ecosystems, as well as with any enterprise software.

Mobile Application Development

Whether you need a native or cross-platform application, our team can develop it using modern technologies, making it scalable and flexible for future improvements.


Let's speed up your business processes.

We offer to our clients sought-after services regardless of the industry.


Digitization involves the IoT (that's lots of physical objects connected to the Internet and exchanging data). It optimizes and automates business processes and increases its profits.


Involves actually enabling, improving or transforming business processes through the use of digital technology and digitized data.

Digital Transformation

Transforms your local business into a SaaS platform that takes you from a national level to global.


Technological union of people.

A team of hackers and tech-geeks from all around the Globe. We founded this company because we know how hard it is to find appropriate consultants and developers nowadays. We combine our knowledge and deep connections with international human resources to build next-gen products, do exciting projects and solve challenging tasks.

Artem Bliednov


Innovator, strategist, software and systems architect and most wanted embedded systems engineer with broad knowledge and expertise in a variety of technical areas. Enthusiastic team builder, tireless motivator and wise leader. Artem delivered numerous successful IoT products into the market, and kernel hacking is his meditation.

Oleksandr Sorokin

CTO, Full Stack Web Engineer

Ingenious technical specialist with deep knowledge of multi-paradigm languages and architectural patterns. Natural born javascripter, self-taught Python warrior, and passionate full-stack web developer. Killer feature creator and cloud solutions guru with dazzling design skills.

Denys Nosulenko

.NET Architect

Intelligent database builder, quality demander, workflow optimizer and code purifier. Denys has unparalleled skills to predict growth and prevent failures. Big fan of Microsoft .NET, Cloud computing and distributed systems, he turns chaos into logically structured effective systems. The big loving heart of the Latrock team.

Heorhii Vdovychenko

Data Scientist

Digital brain educator and machine learning evangelist, Ph.D. in physics and rampageous data scientist at Latrock. Heorhii is a pragmatic computer vision developer and enthusiastic neural network engineer with a dream to make computers see the world through human eyes and understand art. His favorite movie is “Indiana Jones and the Artificial intelligence”.

Julia Posazhennikova


Best people recruiter, friendly environment creator, wise decision adviser and the highest results motivator. Iuliia is a humane soul of the Latrock machine, with unique vision and valuable skill to think out of the box. Critical mind, strong will and adaptive management. Multitaskable, systemic and bright.

Oleksii Bliednov

Head of Operations

Reliable and forceful operations director with rare talent to reveal hidden processes. Keen eye and computer-like analytical capacity with unstoppable aspiration to help partners with achieving their goals. Oleksii has a firmware of commercial mind with proven skill to grow a successful company from scratch. Challenging projects, complicated cases and tricky algorithms are things that make him happy.

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